New DVBS2 automatic detection and analysis algorithm in HyperMon

Published 2014-07-18

As DVB-S2 is becoming increasingly popular, NovaGrid put some effort to develop and integrate a DVB-S2 carrier detector into HyperMon. As usual with our products, this new detector, available in the next release 3.2, is a high speed and blind detector. As such, it is also able to cope with some "DVB-S2 like", proprietary variations around the standard.

The DVB-S2 detector provides the following features :

  • detection of TDM-DVBS2 carriers,
  • TDM break down in frames and frame type detection (short or normal, and with/out pilots),
  • Constellation detection on all frames with display,
  • Global analysis : ACM/CCM, super-frame structure, rates, ...

HyperSuite 3.1 available

Published 2014-01-21

The new 3.1 release of HyperSuite is available. Many new features have been developped including:
  • OFDM estimation:
    • faster and more robust,
    • symbols and sub-carriers synchronization,
    • more than 30 OFDM standards identification
    • 4 new visualizations dedicated for OFDM
  • VSAT codes recognition:
    • more deeper analysis (framing, scrambler detection, custumized RS, etc.)
    • interleaver detection,
    • improved performances,
    • partial binary decoding,
  • New managed high order constellations,
  • Modem control
    • improved management of CDM-625 and ATM-73
    • pool modem management,
  • HF
    • a new channel analysis algorithm for continuous or bursted carriers,
    • improved performances,
  • VHF/UHF networks:
    • improved speed for FH-SS detection,
    • automatic spurious removal,
    • fine estimation of all network parameters,
    • estimation of the number of users and users separation,
    • estimation of symbol rate and constellation of all bursts of the network,
    • bursts dehopping,
  • New tool for user defined constellation and mapping ,
  • HyperTask:
    • improved GUI which includes now a manover detection task,
    • Carrier detection and analysis tasks work now over an unlimited number of satellite transponders.

HyperSuite 3.1 release is soon available

Published 2013-11-08

The new release HyperSuite 3.1 will be available during November 2013. This release will include many enhancements:
  • HyperMon includes many new communications satellites coding / framing schema detection. OFDM and frequency hopping networks (FH-SS) are analyzed more deeper.
  • HyperTask GUI is improved and includes a satellite maneuver detection task. Carrier detection and analysis tasks work now over an unlimited number of satellite transponders.