HyperMon release Release 1.8

Download win32 installer

HyperSuite 1.8.21

  • IfoIP driver modifications

HyperSuite 1.8.20

  • Correct a bug with ifoip sampler whane using 4 L band boards
  • Re-generate all FFT wisdoms

HyperSuite 1.8.19

  • Add a new tool « WAV to REC » used to wav files into rec files. Needed for reading real wav files.
  • Add an « ephemeris convertor » tool.
  • Correct several minor bugs.

HyperSuite 1.8.14

  • 2nd Optimize speed / memory for the fine tracking algorithm in geolocation (2 times faster)

HyperSuite 1.8.13

  • Optimize speed / memory for the fine tracking algorithm in geolocation

HyperSuite 1.8.12

  • Make the debug window messages larger
  • Correct a bug in « one click geoloc » when using inverted spectrum option

HyperSuite 1.8.11

  • Correct some bugs when using inverted spectrum option
  • Send RF gains to all RF inputs when doing a Wb acquisition with IfoIP sampler.

HyperSuite 1.8.10

  • Correct a bug in IfoIP sampler driver for narrow band sampling when spectrum is inverted

HyperSuite 1.8.9

  • Bug in satellite database (impossible to delete TLEs)
  • Correct a bug in the phase algorithm on targets
  • Correct a small bug in ifoip sampler driver (creating non tmp records for geolocation)
  • Correct a small bug in the analysis tree

HyperSuite 1.8.8

  • Add a new phase noise estimation method for geolocation
  • Use multi-processors for geolocation computing
  • Bug in geolocation report creation.

HyperSuite 1.8.7

  • Add a more accurate fine tracking method for geolocation
  • Add a non coherent detection method for geolocation
  • The 1.2 GHz Lband board can now be used with HyperSuite
  • Correct a small bug in ifoip sampler driver

HyperSuite 1.8.5

  • Add an ol-drift / phase noise compensation process for geolocation
  • Add a doppler compensation algorithm for geolocation
  • Fine tracking use always the « fast » algorithm
  • More general font size control
  • HyperSpectrum and HyperMon can now scan over 1.2 GHZ when a Lband board is used
  • Bug in design filter when signal BW is greater than Fs.
  • Small bug in ifoip_sampler.ini when configuring all RF inputs frequencies
  • All algorithms can be stopped using the analysis tree (geolocation)

HyperSuite 1.8.4

  • the option -s and -p is now available for HyperCSM
  • Many HyperSpectrum can run now on the same server (on different RF no)

HyperSuite 1.8.3

  • the option -i can load a particular sampler.ini file

HyperSuite 1.8.2

  • hyperspectrum.ini can control now the RF input
  • Bug in real time geolocation
  • HyperSpectrum control by HyperCSM
  • Bug in ifoip sampler when sampling for geolocation and main RF = miror RF

HyperSuite 1.8.1

  • Stand alone Hypertrum application (IfoIP sampler)
  • Stand alone HyperCSM application (IfoIP sampler)
  • A stand alone application for HyperSpectrum remote control
    (IfoIP sampler)
  • Add a -p argument for hyperspectrum in order to define the port of the rpc server
  • Add a -s argument for hyperspectrum in order to take account another
    .ini file instead of the default one.
  • The display span for alarms is now 1h by default (HyperCSM)
  • The sampler gain changes are take into account in real time
  • The RF gain correction for the sampler is take into account even for the
    RF4 channel (HyperSpectrum)
  • Start method (HyperCSM)