HyperMon release Release 2.x

Last release is 2.2.0.

Download 2.2.0 win32 installer

Download 2.0.6 Opensuse 10.3 64bits installer

Download 2.1.5 RedHat 5.5 64bits installer

HyperSuite 2.2.0

  • Completly new Map tool (can use internet connexion, map view)
  • New management of samplers and acquisition plans
  • Geolocation with asynchronous channels is now possible

HyperSuite 2.1.4

  • New file loader page
  • Correct some minor bugs for VHF/UHF RF converters boards.

HyperSuite 2.1.1

  • Many Improvements for geolocation accuracy in multi-reference mode
  • Correct a date problem on record created after signal cancellation
  • Correct a code detection bug when signal length is short

HyperSuite 2.1.0

  • Modifications on code detection
  • In multi-reference geolocation, the user can choose himself static or dynamic model.
  • A carrier details frame is now available in the each carrier popup menu
  • A tool for channels coherence testing (useful for geolocation) is now available
  • Many improvements in geolocation accuracy
  • Correct a bug in ploting TDOA lines when these lines are horizontal

HyperSuite 2.0.8

  • A new function « set_frequency_plan » in HyperSpectrum XML-RPC interface
  • Synchronization between 2 PSD plot is now possible (usefull for geolocation)
  • Correct a bug in « filter_signal » XML-RPC function for a given kind of codes
  • Correct a bug in HyperSpectrum for detected carrier when detected SNR is < 0 dB

HyperSuite 2.0.7

  • L band board management : disconnect from L band board after 10 s
  • Take account for the user defined detection threshold for references too in geolocation mode
  • Bug when reading records with more than 4 channels in geolocation mode
  • Bug in SNR estimation in geolocation mode
  • Bug in L band board connection on Linux platform
  • Correct some bugs in XML-RPC interface

HyperSuite 2.0.6

  • Improve IFoIP communications under Linux 64
  • Correct a minor system bug under Linux 64

HyperSuite 2.0.5

  • Many improvements in satellite standard finder
  • Add database export / import tools and patch installer tool
  • Correct a bug in the file loader
  • Correct a bug when displaying date time strings at 0:0:0.0

HyperSuite 2.0.3

  • Geolocation ellipses take account now for known carriers location accuracy
  • Iso TDOA & FDOA lines are now displayed on maps using geolocation target manager
  • Filtering process bug for record V2

HyperSuite 2.0.2

  • A new target manager for geolocation allowing target location using multi-reference and
    only public ephemeris with great accuracy
  • CW target location for geolocation
  • Mixed ellipses can be display in geolocation mode (merging ellipses obtained with several measurements)
  • « One click geolocation » bug when using L boards with inverted spectrum
  • Many improvement for target detection
  • Many improvement in satellite standard matcher
  • Reference phase estimation bug in geolocation when carrier BW is greater than 1/coherence time
  • Filtering process bug for record V1

HyperSuite 2.0.1

  • Signal cancellation  bug (woked only the on first channel)
  • Carrier under carrier bug (worked only on the first channel)
  • Standard matcher bug (for other languages than english)
  • Memory problems in signal analysis mode
  • Optimize memory for the correlation process for geolocation

HyperSuite 2.0.0

  • MAC access analysis (TDMA, MF-TDMA, ALHOA, etc)
  • HyperCSM can survey burted carriers
  • More codes (including SEQ, TPC and LDPC) and overhheads detected
  • The analysis use now contexts
  • HyperSpectrum have now 2 cursors, max / min hold and an equivalent « video filter »
  • A loader wizard for loading any record file
  • A new PSD / sonogram viewer
  • A new carrier list viewer