HyperMon release Release 3.x

Last release is 3.3.7.

Download HyperSuite installer 3.3.0 win64

Download Patch 3.3.7 win64

Download HyperSuite installer 3.3.0 Linux x86_64

Download Patch 3.3.7 Linux

This Linux installer should work on any distribution. It has been tested on:
  • CentOs / RedHat 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4
  • Debian 6 and 7
  • OpenSuse 11.4
  • Fedora 18 to 25

Changes log:

HyperSuite 3.3.7

June 30th 2017

  • Fix: HTTPS connection to an orbit server under windows
  • Fix: some measures cannot be displayed under Target manager :
  • provides an XML RPC doc without modifications from older releases.

HyperSuite 3.3.6

June 7th 2017

  • Add the number of C and Ku transponders in the satellites list database view
  • HyperMap export to kmz: ellipse are now filled
  • Don't display detected peaks if they are detected in the "Blind zone"
  • HyperTask
    • Fix: some secondary references were not sampled in the co-orbit mission
    • Fix: the signal analysis mission gives bad results in some conditions
    • Fix: the sampled zone were not displayed correctly (in the "All carriers geolocation" mission

HyperSuite 3.3.5

March 30th 2017

  • HyperLoc
    • Display TDOA bias for secondary references
    • PSD plots are mutualy synchronized
    • Add peak level and polarization in target manager columns.
  • Display more messages in sampler driver and during co-orbit estimation algorithm
  • Remove some exceptions traces in the console window.
  • Improve ephemeris converter in order to be compatible with the new Eutelsat file format.
  • Add "View enhanced PSD" menu item.

HyperSuite 3.3.4

February 8th 2017

  • HyperTask
    • Add progress bar for tasks.
    • Add a confirmation dialog before quit.
  • HyperLoc
    • One click geoloc: the reference BW is remembered
    • Target manager: add a "name" column in the target list, useful for secondary references.
    • TDOA / TDOA localisations are now possible for any heterogeneous configuration, with or without reference.
  • Add a 'save as default' and 'load default' items in the sampler configuration window.
  • Display the config filename in the sampler configuration window.
  • HyperLoc
    • Fix: access to an orbit server in secure mode
    • Remove some exceptions traces in the console window.
    • The geolocation solution is now always in the satellite coverage defined in the database.
  • HyperTask:
    • When reading .htc or .htr files,no acquisition is made.

HyperSuite 3.3.3

Dec 5th 2016

  • Generate more structured kmz file when exporting form HyperMap
  • Geoloc expert system modified to be more readable.
  • HyperLoc:
    • Change the real time geolocation" window. Propose the reachable main references.
    • Reduce database element size in the target manager database.
    • The two spectrum analyzer windows are linked together by default.
  • HyperMon:
    • Improve Multi-tone parameter estimation, compute detection probablity, co-synchronize all tones and detect constellations used
  • HyperTask:
    • Target manager available inside HyperTask
    • HyperTask geolocation results are saved in the target manager database
  • HyperSpectrum client
    • Fix: axis label update
  • HyperMon:
    • Fix: update XML-RPC interface and add one more function
    • Complete carrier details for all modulation types including double-talk
    • Suppress advanced PSD menu of the spectrogram
    • Fix: Crash of spectrogram due to missing context
    • Fix: save and restore Sqlite database
    • Fix: xmlrpc interface (sampling)
  • HyperLoc:
    • Fix a bug observed when extracting a peak in the analysis tree
  • HyperTask:
    • Fix: saving results when transponder greater than sampler bandwidth.
    • Fix: crash when exit.

HyperSuite 3.3.2

September 13th 2016

  • HyperTask
    • Add relative date for orbits generation in co-orbit task.
    • Select targets in an homogeneous way across all tasks.
    • Select targets geographic zone with a rectangle selection on a map.
    • Many improvements in the HF monitoring task: detected / recorded carriers can be decoded in real time
  • HyperMon
    • Improve carrier detection
    • Many changes and bug fixes in carrier analysis and code schema detection
  • HyperStream
    • Add macro features
  • HyperRecorder
    • Add the concept of decoders connected behind each recorder
    • Add the following decoders: Code300, Audio by LAN, generic FSK-N

HyperSuite 3.3.1

May 4th 2016

  • HyperRecorder
    • Add a menu for multiple acquisitions
  • HyperMon
    • Fix some small bug in FSK2 analysis
    • Fix a bug appearing when merging carriers

HyperSuite 3.3.0

March 23rd 2016

  • HyperMon:
    • New spectral decomposition and carriers detection
    • Reduced numbers of analysis contexts
    • New visualizations
    • New detected FECs
    • New constellations
    • iDirect detection
    • Improved DVB-S2 analysis
    • Imroved double talk analysis
    • Signal cancellation for DVB-S2 carriers
    • Seamless interface with HyperStream
    • Multi-tones detection (HF)
    • NFSK detection and demodulation (N=2 to 64)
    • Improved detection of analog carriers (DSB, AM, A3E)
    • Standard recognition for HF/VHF
    • View the analysis difference with the registered values in database
    • New channel analyzer
    • Burst extractor
    • New messages consoles
    • Improved carriers list
    • Automatic and manual merge of detected carriers
    • Analog demodulators (DSB, DSB-SC, AM, USB, LSB, FM)
  • HyperSim: Many improvments
  • HyperTask:
    • Improved geolocation without reference task
    • New HF monotoring and recording task
  • New software module HyperStream for binary stream analysis
  • New software module HyperRecorder:
    • Streaming and IQ filtering / recording
    • Multi channels recording
    • Un-limited time recording
    • Start / Stop recording on predefined levels
    • Circular recording over a finite list of files

HyperSuite 3.2.18

January 20th 2017

  • Connection to a secure orbit server

HyperSuite 3.2.17

December 5th 2016

  • Fix : analysis bug in telemetry context when merging carriers

HyperSuite 3.2.16

November 17th 2016

  • Fix : detection bug in telemetry context
  • Fix : telemetry analysis (ai agent)

HyperSuite 3.2.15

October 13rd 2016

  • Fix : telemetry analysis (ai agent)

HyperSuite 3.2.14

March 18th 2016

  • Fix: double talk detection bug.
  • Fix: links parameters estimation bug.
  • Improve modem control.

HyperSuite 3.2.13

January 18th 2016

  • Fix: starting arguments for HyperTask (-start-rpc-server and -p)

HyperSuite 3.2.12

January 13th 2016

  • Add "set_sampler_ini_file" function in HyperTask xml-rpc API

HyperSuite 3.2.11

December 2nd 2015

  • Fix: A bug in HyperTask Multi-target geolocation without reference in the case where no beam is defined for the transponder

HyperSuite 3.2.10

November 2nd 2015

  • Add https connetion for the client orbit server (HyperLoc & HyperTask)
  • Fix: Carriers list update in geolocation mode (HyperLoc)
  • Fix a bug when loading preferences file.
  • Fix: Displays the fine carrier frequency estimate in carrier details window (HyperMon)

HyperSuite 3.2.9

September 14th 2015

  • Sampler driver updated.
  • Fixe some small bugs in HyperTask.

HyperSuite 3.2.8

July 24nd 2015

  • Add new codes recognition for 64QAM (CV(7,1/2) CV(7,3/4) and CV(7,7/8)) and 16QAM (CV(7,1/2))
  • Compute Eb/No in microwave links context.

HyperSuite 3.2.7

June 30th 2015

  • Fix a bug leading to non CV detection on some 16QAM carriers.
  • Fix a bug in some DVBS2 detection
  • Fix a classification / constellation search bug for very short signals
  • Fix a bug during Decimal object conversion during XML-RPC calls
  • Fix a bug in CPM detection
  • Fix a bug in double-talk detection and display in carrier list
  • Fix a bug for constellation search after sync faileds
  • Fix a bug for pi/2 BPSK and pi/4 QPSK
  • Fix a display bug during columns re-ordering in some spreadsheets
  • Fix: removing temporary files after each RPC call

HyperSuite 3.2.6

June 1st 2015

  • It is now possible to modify a date by editing a geoloc measure inside target manager
  • Display a message when preferences file is corrupted.
  • Strore database passwords encrypted in preferences file.
  • Fix a regression in HyperSpectrum client remote carrier estimate
  • Fix somes errors in carrier / noise power labels after carriers detection
  • Fix a regression in double talk detector
  • Fix a sign error in geoloc expert system

HyperSuite 3.2.5

May 20th 2015

  • Fix a bug in geolocation expert system when perfect orbits are selected
  • Fix a bug in carrier detection

HyperSuite 3.2.4

Mar. 13th 2015

  • HyperLoc
    • Target manager is directly displayed with its selection in the monitor analysis tree node (HyperLoc)
    • Add reference or secondary reference name in analysis tree.
  • HyperMon
    • Add an XML-RPC parameter which specify the transfert of one or all analyzed carriers constellations.
    • Add an XML-RPC parameter which force the modulation / constellation for an analyzed carrier.
  • HyperTask
    • Add an hyperlink button to display task parameters in the task monitor window.
  • Add more messages when updating TLEs database.
  • Disable estimating TDOA range from geographic positions for geolocation without reference task (HyperTask)
  • Fix some unappropriate messages when launching geolocation with the target manager (HyperLoc).
  • Fix a wrong label for ephemeris converter (using TLE file)
  • Add mirror spectrum in target selection window for the geolocation without reference task (HyperTask).
  • Fix carrier under carrier detection bug for some rare constellations.
  • Fix a display constellations bug for DVB-S2 carriers.

HyperSuite 3.2.3

Mar. 13th 2015

  • Fix a bug in DVB-S2 analysis.

HyperSuite 3.2.2

Feb. 26th 2015

  • Fix a bug in CPM analysis.

HyperSuite 3.2.1

Feb.nd 2015

  • Fix some possible crash due to HyperMap when use True Type fonts under windows. Only Helvetica font is used now and database stations with non ASCII characters are not displayed correctly (windows).

HyperSuite 3.2.0

December 23rd 2014

  • HyperMon
    • HyperMon detects now DVBS2 carriers with ACM (constellation changing with time)
  • HyperLoc
    • Peaks can be sorted and view in table inside HyperLoc
    • Correlation parameters defines a "blind zone" near null FDOA and TDOA
    • Orbits used in HyperLoc can be provided by an orbit server.
    • HyperLoc have now a method for target localization without reference carrier.
  • HyperTask
    • More data in HyperTask results files (XLS and txt)
    • Better control of HyperLoc / HyperMon processes from HyperTask pool manager.
    • A new "Transponder monitoring and automatic interferers geolocation" task in HyperTask
  • Sort carriers in HyperMon spectrum carriers list
  • Remove MAC display in "Fixed Satellite Services" context parameters.
  • Correct a bug in automatic carriers detection.

HyperSuite 3.1.8

September 24th 2014

  • Fix a bug in carrier detection.
  • Fix spectrum synchronization problem when center frequencies are different.

HyperSuite 3.1.7

August 7th 2014

  • Processing gain limitation in "one click geolocation" in HyperLoc is now limited to 83 dB.
  • Sort carriers in HyperMon spectrum carriers list
  • Remove MAC display in "Fixed Satellite Services" context parameters.
  • Automatic geolocation with HyperTask filter the reference if the sampled signal is too wide
  • Add main and mirror spectrums in .rtf geolocation report

HyperSuite 3.1.6

June 10th 2014

  • Remember the user choice for updating TLEs database.
  • View referenced carriers in HyperTask carriers list with a color code.
  • Non blocking call to HyperSpectrum XML-RPC get_version
  • Fix a bug that appears in 3.1.5 : ephemeris files were not generated using HyperTask co-orbit estimation task.
  • Fix a bug loading HyperTask result files under win 64.
  • Fix a small bug in bit editor.
  • Fix a small bug in HyperTask XML-RPC calls.

HyperSuite 3.1.5

May 22nd 2014

  • HyperTask can save results and config in xml format.
  • One frequency geolocation task in HyperTask can select carrier using spectrum or spreadsheet selection.
  • All tasks in HyperTask save automatically all results at the end of the task.
  • HyperTask use now a task scheduler.
  • Ephemeris converter choose default dates which are not equal
  • Ephemeris converter choose default filename with a significative name in case of Intelsat state vector
  • Saving bits inside HyperMon generates now a binary file.
  • Speedup VSAT framing detector
  • HyperTask automatically launch local HyperLoc servers when starting a task.
  • HyperLoc servers can be manualy locked in HyperTask servers pool manager.
  • HyperTask servers pool manager is now a window view instead of a task configuration item.
  • Fix a reference update bug in hypertask after loading a new task.
  • Fix an HyperTask bug which gives at each carrier the sampling BW as BW
  • Fix a HyperSpectrum bug which can cause some crash when checking QoS
  • Fix a small bug in OFDM detector (which removes BW 3dB after analysis)
  • Fix a small bug in HyperMon carrier list for manual analysis mode
  • Fix a small bug in phase noise estimation for geolocation when FDOA varies with time.
  • Fix a bug in SC demodulate which demodulate all record even for a bursted carrier.
  • Fix a bug in search constellation settings in manual mode
  • Fix a bug in HyperTask causing sometimes a crash when starting a task
  • Fix a bug in HyperSpectrum about the level of the PSD for checked carriers.

--> HyperSuite 3.1.4

March 28th 2014

  • Can add database stations from google earth files (KMZ or KML files)
  • HyperTask starts all HyperMon servers at the same time
  • Correlation parameters: add FDOA margin when computing FDOA range from a geographic zone
  • French translation is done
  • Remember the user defined directory for sampled records
  • Remove right click menu on sampler item in the sampler configuration window
  • HyperTask Interceptor properties appears now in the configuration task GUI (no more in settings menu)
  • HyperMap can export to google earth (KMZ)
  • Fix a bug for reference list update in HyperTask
  • Fix a bug which double the list of available satellites
  • Fix a bug in HyperMap for longitudes less than -180 degrees (background images)
  • Fix a bug for multiple windows for the same database
  • Fix a bug destroying sampling and one click geoloc windows
  • Fix a bug in target manager causing crashes

--> HyperSuite 3.1.3

March 17th 2014

  • Add HyperMon servers in HyperTask config and results files
  • Add a buton for de-activate the automatic map update when defining database beams
  • Fix a bug for reference update in HyperTask
  • Fix some HyperTask bugs for non english languages (remember perspective)
  • Fix a bug when creating a new satellite with epoch date is before April
  • Fix a bug sometimes causing HyperSpectrum crash during CUC detection

--> HyperSuite 3.1.2

February 20th 2014

  • Fix: small bug in CV detector and vsat framing detector
  • Fix: TDOA and FDOA sensitivity windows in geoloc expert system cannot be opened
  • Fix: small bug in constellation detector
  • Fix: carrier analysis after alarm (HyperCsm) fails.
  • Fix: exporting alarms (HyperCsm) fails.
  • Fix: mapping tool windows cannot be opened
  • Fix: a bug during extracting a peak when only one peak have been detected (HyperLoc)

HyperSuite 3.1.1

February 4th 2014

  • Add RF level correction in record definition (id 29)
  • Fix a bug in multi channel signal synchronization.
  • Fix some bugs observed when resizing or moving windows.
  • HyperMap: Do not display all database stations (when stations density is too high)
  • HyperTask: DSP are displayed using the real level in dBm/Hz.

HyperSuite 3.1.0

January 21st 2014

  • HyperMon: best estimation for OFDM carriers
  • HyperMon: more VSAT codes and framing recognized
  • HyperMon: new managed high order constellations
  • HyperMon: pool of modem management
  • HyperMon: improved HF carriers analysis
  • HyperMon: improved FHSS analysis
  • HyperMon: a new too; for constellation / mapping creation
  • HyperTask: GUI is improved and includes a satellite maneuver detection task.
  • HyperTask: Carrier detection and analysis tasks work now over an unlimited number of satellite transponders.

HyperSuite 3.0.27

April 10th 2015

  • Fix a memory leak bug.

HyperSuite 3.0.26

June 18th 2014

  • Non blocking mode for get_version in HyperSpectrum API
  • Modify min BW for communication satellites services context to be conformant with 3.1 release.
  • Fix a bug in HyperMon Xml-Rpc interface when opening a record.

HyperSuite 3.0.25

April 10th 2014

  • Fix a bug sometimes causing a crash of HyperSpectrum when computing CuC

HyperSuite 3.0.24

March 28th 2014

  • Fix a bug for reference list update in HyperTask
  • Fix a bug in target manager causing crashes
  • Fix a bug in HyperMap for longitudes less than -180 degrees (background images)

--> HyperSuite 3.0.23

February 18th 2014

  • Analysis tree is not activated during RPC calls.
  • Fix a bug resizing internal windows
  • Fix a bug extracting a peak when only one peak have been detected (HyperLoc)
  • Fix a bug when analysing carrier after alarm (HyperCsm).
  • Fix a bug exporting alarms (HyperCsm).
  • Fix a bug avoiding HyperTask reloading task configuration.

--> HyperSuite 3.0.22

January 15th 2014

  • Fix a bug in carrier checker when interferer is a CW.

HyperSuite 3.0.21

November 15th 2013

  • Add the set_sampler_ini_file in xml-rpc interface.
  • Show only one window for input parameters when several targets have to be located.
  • Fix a bug which forgets the automatic mode after "peak scan" when no peaks are detected.

HyperSuite 3.0.20

October 9th 2013

  • Fix some HyperSpectrum parameters in order to give the same carriers detection than HyperMon.
  • HyperSpectrum don't load RBW default value from "hyperspectrum.ini".

HyperSuite 3.0.19

  • Fix some small bugs in RPC interface (PCM-FM analysis).
  • One click geolocation works now when several carriers are selected.
  • Fix a bug when closing consoles window of HyperSpectrum under debian / gnome.
  • Fix a bug in HyperTask burst signal analysis (only when a preamble is found by HyperMon)
  • Fix a bug in the analysis tree (causing crash in some conditions during rpc calls)

HyperSuite 3.0.18

  • Fix some small bugs in RPC interface.

HyperSuite 3.0.17

  • Add a "set_task_configuration_parameters" function in HyperTask XML-RPC API.
  • Fix some bugs on HyperTask GUI (very slow in some conditions)
  • Fix a bug which avoid loading some already saved tasks under HyperTask.

HyperSuite 3.0.16

  • New sampler driver release.

HyperSuite 3.0.15

  • HyperTask can use secondary references separated by more than the sampler BW
    (when at least 4 RF inputs are used)
  • Fix some not working links on HyperTask wizard (win 64 release).

HyperSuite 3.0.14

  • HyperTask can use now a sampler with 4 RF inputs for geolocation tasks
  • HyperTask remove all main and secondary references which cannot be sampled.
  • Correct a bug in hyperspectrum server (span not multiple of sampler BW).
  • Fix a bug in carrier detection when a carrier is referenced in lock bandwidth.
  • Fix a bug in HyperTask windows management
  • Fix a bug in multi-carriers manual analysis.

HyperSuite 3.0.13

  • FDOA and TDOA sensitivity of geoloc expert system are no more plotted in polar coordinates.
  • Correct bug in geoloc expert system when opening it twice.
  • Correct bug in xml-rpc api (get_spectrum) which raise an error in certain conditions.
  • Correct a bug in locate as CW

HyperSuite 3.0.12

  • Improve detection and analysis on CPM modulations.
  • HyperSpectrum [server] set_frequency_plan take now more parameters.

HyperSuite 3.0.11

  • New ephemeris converter / orbit generator tool (with Eutelsat position files managed)
  • All softwares works now on Debian 7.
  • TEME frame is now correctly managed (ephemeris converter).
  • HyperMap font are now used also for user labels.

HyperSuite 3.0.10

  • HyperMap evolutions (fonts and font size are chosen from map options for cities and database stations, cities, localized points can be clicked to view informations)
  • A carrier list added in HyperSpectrum [client]
  • A better estimation of all parameters for all detected carriers for HyperSpectrum [server]
  • All softwares works now on RedHat and CentOs 6.2 and 6.3
  • Some bugs corrected in HyperSpectrum [client] (carrier selection)
  • Some bugs corrected in TDOA / FDOA iso lines estimation.
  • Correct a bug in modem assignation (plug-in do not appear).
  • Some improvements for mobile communications context.

HyperSuite 3.0.9

  • The default sampler can be chosen from the sampler configuration window
  • All the receiving channels could be defined in the sampler configuration window
    including LNA, LNB and antennas.
  • Non default samplers .ini files can be loaded.
  • Sampling plan can be saved and reloaded.
  • HyperSuite is now also in Russian language.
  • FH-SS are now detected using HyperSpectrum and HyperTask
  • Add a "show transitions" button on constellation plotter.

  • Chinese and cyrillic characters are correctly displayed inside HyperMap.
  • Correct a bug in HyperSpectrum client (false alarms not deleted)
  • Improve mobile communications context
  • Correct a bug on carrier check with HyperSpectrum [client] and [server]
  • Reading SDF files works now correctly.

HyperSuite 3.0.8

  • FDOA range for secondary references are now computed using geographic zone.
  • Correct some errors which occurs during asynchronous acquisitions (ref data not available).
  • Some errors about references dates due to asynchronous sampling is now correctly managed.

HyperSuite 3.0.7

  • HyperSuite can now load .sdf files.
  • Operations consoles can be resizable (using "detach" button)
  • Geolocation "Time scan" algorithm is now parallelized.
  • New zdsifoipd sampler driver
  • HyperTask : targets are sampled at the optimum frequency
  • HyperTask : targets can be sampled continuously
  • HyperTask : mirror satellite transponder trace can be viewed at the configuration stage for
    both targets and main reference.

  • Bug corrected in "carrier under carrier" for very small carrier bandwidth.
  • Methods for dongle access are more robust.

HyperSuite 3.0.6

  • A "waiting" message appears when displaying a satellite properties
  • Ephemeris converter accepts terrestrial frames as input frame
  • Carrier baloon is shown depending on preferences choice.
  • Task duration is active for co-orbit estimation task
  • Sampler properties is well displayed by the HyperTask configuration panel.
  • Bug corrected in equalization
  • Some codes now correctly detected (SEQ 7/8)
  • Geolocation report now working correctly.

HyperSuite 3.0.5

  • Sampling in geolocation mode using 4 RF inputs
  • Improved saving method for mtl files
  • Synchronous sampling with daylight saving time

HyperSuite 3.0.0

  • An application launcher
  • HyperSpectrum is splitted now into a client and a server.
  • HyperSim : a completely new release allowing to simulate network signals
  • HyperTask : an application for launching automatic analysis or geolocation tasks without user interaction.
  • Analysis : More robust and complete coding scheme analysis
  • Analysis : Frequency hopping detection and analysis
  • Analysis : More robust and complete coding scheme analysis
  • Geolocation : all tree items modified (scan parameters, extracting peaks, etc.)
  • Geolocation : more robust multi-references algorithms.
  • Only a 64 bits release is provided for Linux and Windows (XP, 7)
  • The speed of analysis and geolocation algorithms is 2 times faster than 2.2 (win32) release.