The HyperSpectrum [server] and [client] softwares give answers to the folowing needs:

  • Standard Spectrum analyzer: spectrum and spectrogram (time – frequency representation) visualization and their real time variations.
  • Smart features: real time spectrum monitoring with automatic carriers detection. Real time estimation of RF parameters (frequency, bandwidth, snr, power, noise power) of each detected carrier and quality of service estimation.

The objective is to have a global view of the spectral activity with a precise idea of its time evolution.



HyperSpectrum do :

  • real time spectrum display,
  • real time automatic carrier detection and RF parameters estimation (center frequency, BW, SNR) including bursts carriers,
  • real time carrier quality of service,
  • real time "carrier under carrier" detection,
  • real time spectrum load estimation

HyperSpectrum offer a TCP / XML-RPC interface for access to all estimated parameters. This software is used by HyperCSM for carriers monitoring and HyperSpectrum [client].