HyperTask is the softawre module which allows the automation complex tasks specialy designed for geolocation. HyperTask manage the remote control of many instances of HyperLoc / HyperMon over the network, allowing parallel processing and load balancing, in order to provide the best result in a minimum of time.

As an example, 70 carriers are detected in a transponder. Localization of all these detected carriers is done in less than 30 minutes using the "All carriers geolocation" task.

This software was build with the idea that the operator should makes his request with only one click and then see the result... All the process (geolocation or carrier analysis) is made without any manual intervention.

The tasks actually availables with HyperTask are:

  • Carriers blind analysis (modulation and coding scheme) of all carriers detected in a non limited number of transponders. HyperTask can then analyze up to 3 carriers / second on a 16 processors server,
  • On demand or continuous geolocations of any (or a non limited number of) carrier(s) detected in a transponder using standard or multi-references geolocation. This powerful task allow to geolocate 70 carriers within 30 minutes.
  • continuous estimation of multi-references conpensation parameters allowing a geolocation within a minute,
  • Geolocation without any reference carrier.
  • Continuous monitoring of a transponder and automatic geoloction of new carriers (and also interferers).


HyperTask can be controled using TCP requests: loading or launching a task or getting a task status is possible using a single TCP request over the network.
This point allows HyperTask to be easily integrated into any satellite carrier monitoring system.