TAGS 330

System description

TAGS 330 ("Transportable Analysis and Geolocation System" with HyperSuite 3.3.x) is a system including hardware and software specially dedicated to satellite carrier blind analysis and passive geolocation.

tags 330

The hardware part includes :

  • A powerful computer: 16 processors (32 cores), 64Go RAM, DD 1To RAID 0.
  • A time server for data synchronization and datation (GPS, NTP server).
  • 4 RF input sampler: 80 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, 64 DDC (digital down-converters) which allows sampling thirty carriers at the same time for geolocation. RF input signals should be in L band.
  • A gigabit switch for internal / external network connections.
The software part includes:
  • HyperMon (for carriers analysis),
  • HyperLoc for carriers geolocation,
  • HyperTask for complex automatic tasks. HyperTask controls up to 16 HyperLoc / HyperMon instances on the server.

Just connect your antennas outputs (in L band) to the TAGS 320 RF inputs and your system is ready for carrier analysis and geolocation.

Connecting to TAGS 330

Switch on the TAGS 330, connect your computer on the TAGS 320 internal network and launch your tasks using a remote desktop. Setting up TAGS 330 is done in one minute !