The activities of NovaGrid are centered around digital signal processing (DSP) in non cooperative environment, which leads to:

  • build software solutions in this area based on state-of-the-art software development technology,
  • provide systems solutions which includes some of these software solutions,
  • scientific & technical studies digital communications, blind and non-cooperative signal processing.

The intent of NovaGrid, based on its methods, knowledge and skills, is to build professional software solutions, with a higher scientific and technical value. The people working at NovaGrid are engineers and Ph. D in electronics and signal processing, with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of DSP, communications systems design and software development technology. Since 2002, NovaGrid has entirely focused its activity on the two following subjects:

  • blind signal analysis, modulation and standard automatic recognition,
  • passive hyperbolic satellite carriers geolocation.

These activities lead us to develop a global software solution called HyperSuite which includes the following sofware modules:

  • HyperMon : blind signal analysis & recognition (identification of modulation, constellation, FEC, framing, standard). Manual and automatic analysis.
  • HyperLoc : passive geolocation of satellite transmitters (using TDOA / FDOA, TDOA / TDOA or FDOA / FDOA methods). It also includes many original methods like multi-references or co-orbit estimation in order to improve the geolocation accuracy.,
  • HyperTask : a tool for automatization of complex tasks. For examples, HyperTask can analyze all carriers in a group of satellite transponders, geolocate all carriers in a satellite transponder or survey a satellite transponder with automatic geolocation of interferrers. No action is needed from the operator except task definition.
  • HyperSpectrum : a real time spectrum analyzer which includes smart features like automatic carriers detection, quality of service estimation for a selected set of carriers or carrier under carrier detection.
  • HyperCSM : a software tool for carrier monitoring and interferrer detection. This product is specialized for satellite operators which have define every carrier in databse (except interferrers!).
  • HyperStream A bit stream analyzer which allows many binary operations on a bit stream (provided by HyperMon for example) in order to be decoded for information extraction.

A full description of these products is given by following the appropriate links of this web site. Today, these 3 products are technically mature and commercially available.

Their performances, evaluated by our sales representatives and our clients (see 'Partners' link) show many advantages in terms of analysis speed, end-to-end analysis capacity and ease of use. Build upon the same framework, these 3 products form a software solution called HyperSuite. However, they can be purchased independently.

NovaGrid works in partnership with renowned industrial leaders like Zodiac Data Systems, Thales Alenia Space, Thales and Airbus DS. NovaGrid also has close relationships on these specific subjects with military or civilian research centers.


Develop the HyperSuite software suite product, in order to provide solutions to the needs of telecommunication satellite operators, spectrum agencies and intelligence services.


Imagine and build innovative algorithmic solutions in blind digital signal processing and improve the methods of signal analysis in non cooperative environments.